Short order - das leben ist ein buffet 2016. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this movie until its DVD release in the States. However, I did know of the beautiful and talented Emma de Caunes and the other beauty Shiva. This movie was beautifully constructed to perfection and is a true masterpiece among cinemas best. It reminded me of films like The Last Minute, Russian Ark, Waking Life, The Science of Sleep, The Life Aquatic, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Thank you to all of the crew involved in the making f this cinematic masterpiece and I hope we see more films like this in the future.
. Slack.

Short Order - Das Leben ist ein buffet froid pour mariage.


Long Story Short: GF cheated, got her lover arrested, got her a DWI, then karma bitch slapped her. I will have to reveal and admit a few things about myself I’d rather not, and am not proud of. If you hate or struggle with reading, then don’t even continue. My story is unfortunately true, and I would not wish my life upon anyone, not even those I chose to seek out revenge upon. When I was 18 my father suffered a debilitating stroke and could never work or drive again. I volunteered to look after him as my mother had a full-time job and my family needed her to keep working. Sadly, exactly one year to the day of his stroke he passed away after enduring a triple bypass. I lost my shit as we used to say back in the day, and it changed something inside of me. I had lived a somewhat sheltered life due to regularly attending church and church activities. When my father passed if I wanted to go to college, I would have to pay for it out of pocket. I did not qualify for any loans (thankfully in retrospect). I got a menial job and began partying at age 19 having never tasted alcohol, done drugs, had sex etc. I had been bullied quite a bit growing up. I developed very late and always looked several years younger than my friends. At a party one night I met a guy several years older than me, we’ll call Benji. He asked me to come by after my shift at my shitty minimum wage job the next day and I agreed. When I arrived, he brought me into his house where two of his friends were busy sorting through a table of white powder. I’d seen drugs in movies, so I rightfully assumed it was cocaine. They offered a line and laughed at my refusal to try it. The reason Benji had singled me out was the fact that even at age 19 I looked like I should have been a freshman or sophomore in high school. The dealer and his guys had kids selling cocaine at all of the local high schools. (The area I am from had a lot of old wealth and trust fund kids. ) They wanted me to go to each high school campus each day and pick up cash while dropping off pre-weighed bags of coke. They would buy packs of cigarettes and put coke in each with a small initial on the bottom indicating which school. They’d gotten their hands on a cellophane wrapping machine that would seal and shrink the plastic. Everything worked well as planned for years. It was amazing to learn how many cops, lawyers and even judges were on the take. I did things in those younger days that could have gotten me very long prison sentences or worse had I been caught. I quit my stupid job and worked daily for Benji. If I wasn’t delivering or weighing cocaine, Benji and his buddies were teaching me how to shoot guns, work out or fight. They’d built a full-size boxing ring out back because they truly loved to spar. They sensed I’d been picked on a lot growing up. Even though I’d grown another three inches in height after high school to stand 6’ 2” I was still wiry and not very strong. Benji was several years older than me and had been stationed in South Korea for many years. There he took it upon himself to learn a form of martial arts known as “Subak”. But he’d also been a boxer as well. The three guys loved teaching me how to handle myself. They’d teach me to master one move then delighted in springing a new never before seen move on me. None of this was ever meant to attack anyone, strictly self-defense. They wanted to be sure I could protect myself should anything bad go down and wanted me to be able to have their backs. Benji made me carry a loaded 9mm everywhere we drove; he carried a huge. 357 magnum revolver. Eventually I was several years into college and had begun to sell to classmates. My mom was proud I was paying for my own tuition and books never asking how. (Yes, there are some people, albeit very few that use money earned from unsavory deeds to better themselves. Just as there are a few strippers who use that money to get a degree. It is rare, but it does happen. ) What my mom never knew was the fact I was making more in a week selling drugs than she did as a teacher in a month. I drove an old Camry. I never bought flashy clothes or threw money around to impress anyone. I kept as low a profile as I could. I finished my BA degree in three years due to having plenty of free time. I initially wanted to be a lawyer. But I had known far too many corrupt cops and judges. I did study law with no goal of ever passing the bar, because I wanted to become and eventually became a Jury Consultant. For those that don’t know what that is, when a law firm has a client they are defending, a list of potential jurors is sent out. Television makes it look like lawyers decide for or against a potential juror on the spot in court. A good lawyer already has a very good idea of each potential juror’s background before they enter the room. My job was to take each name and research any background I could find. The firm I worked for decided what was pertinent information for each particular case. The firm I work for has the highest regard in my area. I can research a lot of information about people legally through something as simple as an online background data site. In the much more recent past I reacquainted with a high school classmate we’ll call Shayna. I discovered she and I had both had crushes on each other back in the day but we’d both been too shy to say a word to each other. Without a lot of pointless details, suffice it to say Shayna and I became best friends, fell head over heels in love and were planning a future together. Both of our previous relationships had been disasters. Mine in particular had left me feeling totally dead inside, believing I was incapable of love. It had been years since I had dated by choice. My previous ex we’ll call Allison, had done things cold and utterly heartless to cause our breakup. I was NOTHING but good to her, rescuing her from an abusive relationship, never abused her and let her know no human deserves to be abused. When she stabbed me in the back and left me my life was in total ruin. Finding Shayna didn’t just give me hope. It made me realize that every relationship before her had been pointless. Shayna was the love of my lifetime…we were meant to be together and finally were. Sadly, five years ago I awoke to discover Shayna was not beside me. I thought nothing of it until I went into the laundry room to find her face down in the floor. When I picked her up, even before I turned her over, I knew something was wrong, her body was completely stiff. When I did turn her over, I realized she was dead. Rigor mortis had already set in and her face was frozen in the most painful expression of agony you could imagine. I called 911 even knowing she was already dead and long past saving. I really don’t want to go into detail about that night. Suffice it to say the cops suspected I’d done something or shed OD’d. For five hours detectives went through everything we owned. I was questioned repeatedly the same questions by multiple cops. All the while I was trying to console her mother with the realization her one and only daughter was dead. The next day I accompanied Shayna’s mother to Shayna’s neurologist. Shayna had epilepsy and her doctor suspected she might have died from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death due to Epilepsy) which neither of us had ever heard of. (Months later when the autopsy came back that was the cause of death. ) The next few days were a blur of misery, tears and disbelief. Devastated does not begin to express how I felt from that point for many, many months. I will not lie, there were many moments I thought of and even planned to take my own life. I knew Shayna would want me to live and after seeing how the loss of a child had affected her mother, I could not do that to my own mom. I managed to face the future only by focusing on my mother who was getting up in years at the time. I closed myself off to all friends and extended family. It was hard enough just having the fortitude to hold down my job and look after my mom. I worked out every day and did cycling for cardio. I took some Krav Maga classes to relieve stress. But I didn’t even think of dating and frankly the idea seemed pointless. Shayna was a truly, truly special person with a beautiful soul. I knew I could never have that kind of relationship with anyone ever again. Eventually two years passed, and I met a female we will call Angie. We initially started hanging out as friends again as that is what I needed most at the time. But as I opened up about what had happened with Allison and the Shayna, we got closer and Angie seemed to sympathize. We started sleeping together and eventually became a couple. I was still having to keep some focus on my mother, though I enjoyed my time with Angie. She seemed to appreciate that I actually listened, spoke honestly and was protective of her. She said she loved me, and I admitted I loved her. I never told her a word about how I’d paid for college or the things I’d seen or done. (Shayna knew and loved me in spite of it all. ) While I knew it would never be what Shayna and I had, I never told or even hinted at that to Angie. Things went along well for the most part. My mother’s need for assistance was fairly limited. Angie knew I what I’d endured losing Shayna and she seemed to understand the responsibility I had looking after my mom. Angie and I had been in a committed monogamous relationship for well over a year when my mother had to have some medical tests done. My mom had a leaking heart valve and the tests were to determine if they could repair the valve. A week later we received good news, the valve could indeed be replaced. However, we also received devastating news, while running the tests they discovered four small masses in and around her right kidney. The odds were high that the masses were tumors and malignant. The doctors did a biopsy to discover she did in fact have renal (kidney) cancer. She began chemotherapy and I knew my focus needed to be on my mom. Things had been going great with Angie, we were planning to move in together. She lived in a town about 30 miles from mine. When I told Angie about my mom, she seemed deeply concerned and supportive. When I explained it meant we would see less of each other, she assured me that she had no desire to put things between us on hold. She said she wanted to be there for me if in no other way than as emotional support. I told Angie, in fact I urged Angie; that if she decided she wanted to take a break or thought she might be interested in anyone she met to just tell me, and I would understand. She assured me that she cherished me in her life and that nobody could ever take my place in her life. Initially the chemotherapy seemed to be having none of the horrible side effects. It was well into her second month before she started noticing weakness and a loss of appetite. I talked to / texted Angie multiple times per day every day. She would message me asking how my mom was doing as soon as she woke up each morning. And we often spent hours before falling asleep talking and telling each other how much they were missed. We got to see and spend the night together about every two weeks, but everything seemed fine when we did. My mom’s condition began to worsen so I told Angie that she should go out with friends and have some enjoyment in life. As summer began, I knew Angie would enjoy going to outdoor activities even without me. My mom’s failing health that summer meant no fun in the sun for me. Angie would go out with friends and I enjoyed hearing about silly things she and her friends did. I was genuinely glad she wasn’t being a shut-in over issues in my life. She always expressed concern and sadness each time I told her what was going on with my mom. The chemo was in fact killing the cancer cells. However, she was growing more and more frail. I realized cancer was no longer killing my mother, the medicine was. I needed to take a break, so a group of ladies from my mom’s church came to sit with her to give me a little free time on my own. I called Angie as I was nearing her town. She gave me the address of where she and her friends were to meet them. When I arrived, I saw a most of her friends which I’d already met. As I made my way through the house to the back deck, I saw a guy sitting very close to Angie. They were both laughing and cutting up with other friends. She introduced me as her boyfriend to the guy we will call “Will”. He shook my hand insisting he was glad to meet me. I was cordial to him. I don’t think Angie suspected I immediately felt something was amiss with Will. I suppose many people get a gut feeling when they encounter someone “shifty”. Due to my own criminal activity many years before, my “takes one to know one” instincts told me there was something shady about Will. I knew he was new to their group of friends. None of them including Angie had known him longer than a couple of months. I must be clear that I know now what I felt at the time was not jealousy. Angie had many male friends all of whom I genuinely liked. But there was something I sensed about Will that made me a bit skeptical about his character. I tried my best to ignore it, writing the feeling off as mere jealousy. I began to talk with Angie and her friends trying to put my mind at ease. I monitored Will from afar and interacted with him cordially. Angie and I stayed at her place that night before I had to leave to head home. Over the next several weeks my mother’s condition began to worsen. But Angie and I spoke and texted throughout the day every day. In hindsight I now realize I was initiating most of our communication, but at the time I wasn’t keeping count. One day a few relatives volunteered to look after my mom to give me a break. I headed to see Angie calling her on the way. She told me what restaurant she and friends were having dinner, so I made my way there. I was pulling into a parking space and saw Will get into a late model black Mustang. He pulled out though he did not see me, unfamiliar with my car. I made my way inside where Angie and her friends greeted me with hugs and words of sympathy and encouragement. We all had dinner and a few drinks before Angie, and I went back to her place. Before bed I casually asked why Will had left before I got to say hello. Angie stated she had no idea Will had even been at the restaurant. The place we’d eaten was in a strip mall next to several other businesses. I thought perhaps he had come out of one of those stores and neither Angie nor her friends had seen him. At any rate I again stayed with her that night before heading back to my place about noon. The next day my mom became very ill and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. She had pneumonia and was extremely weak due to the chemo and susceptible to many ailments. For three weeks she was hospitalized. They gave her many medications via an IV, but her condition worsened each day. The doctors finally informed me she had at most a week to live. I knew she would not want to leave this earth in that hospital room. So, the staff made arrangements for Hospice to bring her home and help me make her last few days as peaceful as possible. When everything had been set up, we brought my mom home. Though extremely weak she was glad to see her house and familiar settings once again. We both knew she didn’t have much longer to live. While she was a bit afraid, she also told me she was ready to go and see my father once again after so long. I got one of my cousins to look after my mom for a few hours, got in my car and drove to see Angie without calling. I hadn’t called because I was crying so hard facing my mom’s impending demise. I wouldn’t have been able to talk. When I arrived at Angie’s house, I saw a black Mustang parked in her driveway behind her car. I actually didn’t think anything of it as I was so focused on soon losing my mother. I used the key she had given me to enter into the kitchen as we always did. As soon as the door opened, I heard loud music playing but still didn’t really suspect anything. I saw no one in the living room or on the back deck. I walked down the hallway toward her bedroom and heard noises coming from inside. As I reached for the door handle, I stopped. I realized the sounds I heard were sexual in nature. My heart sank even further as I pulled back my hand not wanting to draw attention. Her bathroom was connected to a guest room with an adjoining bathroom. I quietly walked around and into the unlit bathroom to find her bedroom door open. I stopped in my tracks as I saw them both completely naked going at it, oblivious to my presence. Honestly my first instinct was run full speed and introduce his face to the back of his skull with my knee. But I knew I had to stay out of trouble for the sake of my mother and my job. So, I slowly backed away shaking with anger. I went back through the guest room, out of the house and to my car. I hadn’t been seen. I just sat there in the car bawling my eyes out. After about a half an hour, I cranked my car and headed back to my mom’s. I told no one what I’d just seen. Everyone assumed my tears were totally in regard to my mom. They of course partially were. But the betrayal I’d just seen witnessed was like something so sadistic I struggled to grasp it. My logic knew my mom was my top priority especially so close to the end. Yet I felt so deceived by Angie I felt a rage like I’d never known before; and I’d felt plenty of rage. I thought of calling Angie, letting her know what I’d seen and cursing her out. But I knew if she didn’t care enough to be faithful to me while my mother was on her death bed, a steam of profanity wouldn’t bother her. I made sure my mother was comfortable and went to try and sleep in my old childhood room. I cried, I slept. I woke up crying and cried some more throughout the night. I awoke to my cellphone ringing and saw it was Angie calling. I ignored the call and the urge to slam the phone against the wall. I went in to check on my mom who was in a deep sleep due to the Morphine Sulfate they had her on. I managed to text Angie I was very busy with my mom and would call her later. After forcing myself to eat food I didn’t want and taking a shower, the Hospice nurses came by to check on my mom. After checking her vital signs, they regretfully informed me that my mother would die within 48 hours. I thanked them and walked out into the back yard trying to not totally lose my mind with all that had happened and was about to happen. I managed to text Angie and told her my mother’s condition was about the same. I didn’t want to see her; I didn’t want to talk to her, and I didn't want her showing up. I owed it to my mom to do everything I could to make sure her last moments were as peaceful as I could. The next afternoon just before 4:00PM my mother took her last breath with me by her side holding her hand as her life expired. The next three days I was in a total daze meeting with her pastor and making final touches on the church and burial service. But I could not for the life of me get the images of Angie and Will fornicating right in front of me out of my mind. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I was mad at Angie, furious. But remembering how Will had been so overly friendly toward me made my blood boil even more. If they hadn’t already been intimate when I first met him, they were soon about to. That made me want to know just exactly who the son of a bitch really was. I opened the site I used for background checks. I hadn’t checked him out before because I wanted to trust Angie and her decision making. I’d sensed from the moment I met him he was bad news. I was actually angry at myself for ignoring my gut instincts. I knew nothing but his first and last name, it was a distinct last name I difficulty spelling correctly. When I finally got it right a link popped up which I opened to see an old mugshot of Will’s from many years before. I was once arrested and have done some despicable things in my life. I’ve known people who have done horrible things intentionally and under the influence of various substances. But Will had a long rap sheet for a variety of crimes. Several DWI’s, receiving stolen goods, breaking and entering, drug arrests were listed. As I scrolled down through his record the arrests got more heinous. I discovered Will had been out of prison on early probation approximately two years after serving 9 years. When I saw the charges included sexual exploitation of a minor, statutory rape and a host of other sexual offenses I admit I was disgusted. Angie had betrayed me which hurt enough. The knowledge she may have risked me to God only knew what diseases that felon had gotten as a sex fiend and then eventually in prison made me feel physically ill. I doubted Angie had any idea who she was involved with behind my back. She had a naïve trusting nature that had given her issues before…but never like that. I had no doubt anyone who knew of Will’s record would have considered him a vile creature. He should never have been let out of prison. But I had my mom’s funeral to focus on, and had to pull myself together. By the time her funeral was over, and everyone had left, I was exhausted and mentally spent. As I put my head on the pillow to try and sleep Angie called not knowing my mom had passed or that I knew what she’d been up to. She’d been texting and calling much less in the days before my discovery and after. I answered the phone and tried my best to sound as glad to hear from her as I could. I didn’t let on anything had changed with my mom’s status nor that I knew about her and Will, or what I knew about Will. I let her do most of the talking and internalized every word I knew to be a lie as if I totally believed her and appreciated her false sympathy. When she claimed she missed me as we said goodbye I lied and told her the same. But in all honesty at that moment if she’d dropped dead, I would not have cared in the least. I had a few weeks off from work for bereavement. I knew things with Angie were over and done with, but part of me couldn’t help but struggle with how cruelly she had treated me, intentionally or not. I was glad to know the truth about her and about Will before any further lies and betrayal could occur. But I felt what both of them had done to me at a time when I was struggling to keep it together was just flat out wrong. I wanted revenge. I wanted to destroy both of their lives and yet never let either know I had any part of any of it. I called my human resources department and filled out the necessary FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) paperwork to stay out longer than my given two weeks. I truly had no reason to worry about getting fired. But I took the legal route and had enough of a nest egg to pay my bills for half a year or more if I needed to. Revenge on Will was quite easy. As he was on parole and a felon, even a minor charge would get him sent back to prison to finish his original sentence. But I didn’t want him to just have to finish out his original sentence. I wanted new charges that would bring him so much time behind bars he never saw freedom again. I’d met his parole officer on many occasions, and she knew me well enough that if I had called, she would have investigated Will. Felons have difficult times gaining employment. If he had a job I had my doubts he was gainfully employed to be able to afford a new Mustang and insurance. I parked down the street from Angie’s in a car she would not be familiar with. I saw Will’s car in her driveway. I had two iPhones on my account, one for work and the other for personal use. I walked down to his car and stealthily duct taped my work phone securely to the underside of his back bumper. Back in my car I used the “Find My Phone” app to locate my work phone where I knew it to be. Around 2:00AM when I heard him rev his engine before pulling off from her driveway. I casually followed him not wanting him to suspect he was being followed. I was about a quarter mile away from the phone signal when I noticed my phone had stopped moving. I followed the signal to a cruddy looking house in a below average part of Angie’s town. His car was parked, and he’d already gone inside. I wrote down the license plate number and parked down the street. I slept several hours in view of his house after seeing no activity. When the sun rose I went and bought some breakfast to eat and returned. Over the course of the day it was easy to tell either Will had a LOT of friends who saw no reason to stay and talk very long or he was dealing. He was most likely dealing a highly addictive substance like cocaine, heroin or meth. After a few hours many “customers” returned for more of the narcotics it was obvious he was selling. I took photos of each car that stopped by along with some video. I went back each day about the same time to document the continuing activity. I also observed each night about 6;00PM when I knew Angie was getting off of work he would leave. I trailed him each night to see him meet Angie at a restaurant or went straight to her house. I had major doubts she’d ever been to his house, at least not that house. I had enough evidence to turn into over to the local police. But I decided to document his activities one more day, as I knew he hadn’t been out to get more drugs to sell. That last day as I staked out his house around 3:00PM people stopped coming by, which was unusual. I sat and observed when about 30 minutes later a large black Cadillac Escalade pulled into his driveway. I had usually seen no more than one person get out of a vehicle to go into Will’s house. This time I observed 3 large males exit the vehicle and open the back door to escort a middle-aged man inside. They stayed in Will’s house for over two hours which absolutely nobody had been doing. I was fairly certain the middle-aged man was his source for the drugs he was selling. I drove by taking a picture of the Escalade license tag. At home I downloaded the photos and video I’d taken of Will’s activity to my computer. I made a detailed report citing activity from the four days I’d observed what was going on. When finished I printed out thirty pages of photos with of people heading for Will’s door to buy drugs. I saved all video of activity I’d recorded to a flash drive and placed it into a small plastic box for safe keeping. I knew it wouldn’t take much to convince the police of what Will was up to. I was giving the cops actual admissible evidence with times and date stamped on each photo and video. But I wanted to put so much heat on him that the police would be the least of his worries. The next morning I went by the town’s police station in Angie’s town. I calmly walked in requesting to speak with someone in their narcotics division. A uniformed officer came out from the office section. I shook his hand and I handed him one of my business cards. He stared at the card for several seconds as two of the lawyers in the firm I worked for regularly worked in Angie’s town. The cop knew the business card carried quite a bit of clout even if I never passed the BAR exam. I told him I had some information he might want to take a look at. The detective happily led me back to a conference room where we made small talk about mutual acquaintances. But soon I pushed a folder of paperwork and the box with the flash drive across the table toward him. Listed on the first pages was Will’s full name, date of birth, his criminal record and parole officer. The detective examined the photos and I sat quietly as he did. By the expressions on his face he obviously realized he’d been given information that could easily lead to an arrest warrant for Will. He must have also imagined how much narcotics those arrests could get off of the street, potential promotions and other positives. He thanked me for the evidence and placed the folder back down on the table. He asked me if I would be willing to testify. I explained the damning evidence was so I wouldn’t have to. He smiled and casually asked if there was anything I needed. I explained that I felt Will had been allowed of prison far too soon. It was obvious he had not been rehabilitated and deserved to go back to jail for much longer. The detective agreed but again asked what I wanted in exchange for the information. I pulled out a photo of the black Escalade with license plate number and pushed it toward him. I asked him to write the tag number down for his own benefit. I explained the owner of the Escalade might be an even bigger drug dealer. I reaffirmed I wanted my name kept out of any police or court reports. He agreed. I then lied and said my firm was representing someone who may have been set up by the owner of the Escalade. He knew I could have gotten one of the lawyers in my firm to call in a favor for the info. But he also knew lawyers liked to use their favors sparingly. He thought quietly for a few seconds realizing I’d given him yet another lead to potentially follow. I’d done more detective work in 5 days than his entire staff had done in months, so he happily agreed. Ten minutes later he returned with a printout of the tag with the name and address of who it was registered to. I folded the printout and put it into my pocket. The detective and I made some more small talk about sports and cars before I shook the detective’s hand and headed out to my car. I drove home knowing a judge would soon be filling out an arrest warrant for Will. I kept to myself for a few days monitoring the arrest reports from Angie’s local paper online. One morning the front site showed a photo of a very bewildered Will being led away in handcuffs. As long as nobody had made any stupid errors to let him off on a technicality, he’d be finishing out his original time plus many additional years. There was always the possibility he might get a good lawyer to get the charges reduced or find some loophole to get him off scot-free. I couldn’t and wouldn’t let that happen. I drove to the location the cop had given me. Sure enough, there was the large luxury vehicle sitting in the driveway of a modest house. Down the street I waited about an hour until I saw what I believed to be one of his bodyguards leave in a different car. I followed and watched the guy go inside a mini mart. I parked around the other side so my vehicle was hidden. I got out of my car, lit up a smoke and waited for the guy to come out. My sunglasses obscured my face quite a bit. When he exited the store, I called him over telling him I needed to tell him something. I’m sure he thought I was going to ask for gas money or tell him he needed to find Jesus. When I told him I had some information his boss (whom I will call Marcus) might want to know, he was shocked. He asked who I was. I told the guy none of that was important, but I was certain with the information I could give him Marcus would greatly appreciate. He began looking around nervously thinking it might be a bust, but I told him to relax. I told him to tell Marcus that Will had gotten busted (which he knew to be true) and had every intention of cutting a plea bargain. I suggested that Marcus get one of his boys in county jail to have a “talk” with Will. But I also explained they all needed to lay low until the heat had died down. Of course, I had no idea if any plea bargain on the table. But a stranger volunteering such information out of the blue sure as hell wasn’t going to look good to his boss. I knew how things worked well enough to know if Will made it to prison the average dealer had enough connections inside to leave Will eating out of a feeding tube the rest of his days…or worse. As I walked away, the guy asked my name my name and obviously wanted to get his gun from his car. I simply explained that Will had some payback coming from a previous betrayal and that Marcus had picked the wrong guy to sell his product. That wasn’t a lie, he’d betrayed me. Neither Will nor Angie had any inkling of my past or how vengeful I could be. But it was enough to get the bodyguard to take my advice seriously. He quickly walked to his car as I hurried around the building. I slipped into a grocery store and watched Marcus’ bodyguard drive around the parking lot several times looking diligently. When I saw him pull out of the lot and speed down the road; I calmly exited the store, got into my car and drove toward home. I hadn’t been driving ten minutes when my phone rang. The caller ID let me know it was Angie calling. When I answered I tried to act surprised and happy to see her. Without even a friendly greeting she asked how I couldn’t have let her know my mother had passed away. She’d seen the obituary in my city’s newspaper. I simply replied that it had seemed she was busy enjoying life and that I didn’t want to burden her with my grief. I quickly asked why she hadn’t been texting or calling as much lately. That led her to change the subject and ask to see me. I tried my damnedest to act happy to hear from her and told her that I missed her. I asked her if she could meet me for dinner at our favorite restaurant in her town, she readily agreed. Since Will was no longer around to keep time with, she was glad to have me back to fill in the void. I showed up to dinner with a smile and a long hug trying to control the urge to break her spine in half. I was surprised she didn’t say anything when I avoided kissing her. I’m sure she assumed in my grief that romance wasn’t something I’d had my mind much. I just had a very good idea what her mouth had been doing an I didn’t want Will’s salad tossing, knob slobbering prison germs on me. We sat at the bar and ordered two drinks from our favorite bartender. He knew us as a couple because we always tipped very well. When our drinks arrived, I excused myself to the restroom and typed a short message out on my phone that read: “make my drinks with no alcohol and make hers doubles. ” When I returned from the restroom, I sat next to Angie at the bar discussing drinks we’d enjoyed but hadn’t tried in quite a while. I acted as if I was pulling up the recipe for some unusual drink. The bartender came over and asked if we were ready for another drink. I told him we were celebrating after not seeing each other for quite a while. I held up my phone for him to read the message asking if he knew how to make that drink. He read the message and smiled agreeing the “drink” I’d requested was a specialty of his. I’m sure the bartender and Angie assumed she could get as sloshed as she wanted to and that she’d be heading to her place with me afterward. I had other plans. Angie commented how strong hers was. I told her I could barely taste the alcohol in mine. We ordered several more drinks. Angie commented about how drunk she felt, I acted confused stating I barely felt a buzz at all. After several hours I paid for our dinner and drinks with a sizable tip. As we exited the door, I acted like I’d gotten a very important call which I needed to take. After the obligatory bullshit non-existent phone call, I told her I had to rush back to my town to the office. One of the lawyers needed info for a case early the next morning. I asked her to go to her house and wait on me promising the errand wouldn’t take long. I helped her into her car and watched her pull off before using my cellphone to immediately call the police and tell them I’d seen a drunk driver leaving that restaurant. I urged them to hurry, the person was in no shape to be driving. I jumped into my car and headed toward Angie’s house about two miles away. About a mile from her house I saw blue lights ahead of me and slowed down to see Angie’s car pulled over. I knew she was going to get a DWI as that is in fact what I had planned. What neither she nor I knew was that Will had been using her car to deliver cocaine to low-level dealers under him. They did the obligatory search of Angie’s car and found several ounces of cocaine stashed beneath the back seat. I had absolutely no intention of getting her arrested for narcotics possession with intent to sell. But the fact Angie had given me her spare car key the same night she’d given me her spare house key I knew Will could have just as easily been the one to fuck my life up. Neither still had any idea I knew about their unscrupulous cheating, that was revealed to all later. As I arrived back at my house and my cell phone rang from a strange number, I answered to hear Angie crying and blubbering while trying to tell me something. I got her to calm down; I actually wanted to hear what she had to say. She managed to tell me she was in jail to which I innocently asked where and for what. When she told me what she had been arrested for I was genuinely shocked about the drug arrest. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to help get her out and asked me to post bond. I explained since my mom had died, I couldn’t risk putting up any of my property due to probate issues. I could have easily put my own home up as collateral, but I viewed her drug charges as collateral damage, and she’d damaged my life enough. The charges for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute carried mandatory time. I felt after what she’d done to me, with who she betrayed me with; part of her deserved what was coming to her. I went to her arraignment and sat in the back hoping not to be noticed. As she entered the courtroom, she saw me. I gave her a look of confusion as to how she could ever be arrested for such a crime. I knew damn well how of course, but I had to act totally oblivious. When she tried to explain to the judge her boyfriend had been arrested for dealing drugs only days before and it had to be his, the judge didn’t want to hear it. She turned around and looked at me in shame with tears in her eyes realizing I knew she’d been cheating. I shook my head in disgust as they led her away. She knew any attempt to contact with me ever again would be a fool’s errand. Bond was set extremely high for both. At Will’s trial he plead guilty and asked to forego a trial in an attempt for leniency. He got none. Angie’s trial took place a few weeks later and they accepted a plea. She got six years with the possibility of parole in three. But her career was over when she got out and I didn’t care one bit. They’d fucked with the worst person they could have ever crossed, at the absolute worst time to cross me. She started her sentence two months ago, her parents apologized to me. In all honesty if she’d cheated on me at any other time in my life with almost anyone else, I doubt I would have sought out any revenge. But as they say timing is everything and their timing could not have been worse. In some ways I’m not proud of what I did. Will deserved to be behind bars the rest of his day if for but nothing else his past sex crimes. Angie deserved to have any chance at a future destroyed though all I had only intended was for her to lose her license and job. I accomplished both for her and I hope like hell her years of incarceration are miserable and she regrets she was ever born. None of us truly ever really know who we are dealing with at any given time and who not to cross. But when love turns to hate any and every human is capable of things they never would have dreamed. All she had to do was tell me she needed a break or say she’d met someone else. Instead she chose to feed me lies and lies of omission. Be careful who you betray. They just might be willing to go the extra mile to ruin your present and future so badly you have no future at all. Feel free to think of me as cruel, a monster or think I deserve just as bad a punishment as they received. That’s your prerogative, and maybe I did. But I didn’t get caught by the authorities or someone who’d endured way too much in life to just let things slide.

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Short order - das leben ist ein buffet restaurant. Short Order - Das Leben ist ein buffet menu. Short order - das leben ist ein buffet free. Short Order - Das Leben ist ein buffett. Short order - das leben ist ein buffet houston. SHORT ORDER is a lot like a crass Jean-Pierre Jeunet film. It's filled with vignettes trying to link food to sex. So we have Jon Polito describing mending pizza dough in the same way he would touch a woman and we see a chef from behind furiously beating eggs and looking a lot like, well, you figure it out. There's also plenty of college freshman-level existential philosophizing, Moby Dick references, and allusions to classic Hollywood musicals. The movie is not all that overall, but it did confirm for me that Emma de Caunes is the most beautiful actress currently working, and co-star Cosma Shiva Hagen might be a pretty close second.

Short order - das leben ist ein buffet locations. Short order - das leben ist ein buffets. Short order - das leben ist ein buffet columbus ohio. Short order - das leben ist ein buffet st louis. If this film has a thread it is Moby Dick, which is sometimes drawn out in a heavy handed fashion, and at other just opaque. Add to that lots and lots allusions to other films, all the way from Eating Raul to Singing in the Rain, plus tedious philosophic soliloquies, and you have a romp of sorts through sex and food, culminating of course, in cannibalism. The principal characters were not engaging nor fleshed out in any compelling way. Their progress though the film is meandering at best, with the action broken by tasteless commentary on food, sex and women, by chefs who we are asked to believe are being interviewed by for a new program or documentary. I am astonished that it has received such positive reviews.

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Good afternoon from the UK. Sorry for the late post, I was out and about this morning with my mother in law cheering her on in a 5k run down in East London. No post tomorrow; England v Wales kicks off in 2 hrs or so and I intend to drink many beers whilst watching it in central London so will probably have a hangover. If anyone has any personal anecdotes about their experiences, I (and I'm sure many others) would be really interested! Virus update The WHO dashboard ( Link) reports a global case count at time of writing of 101, 923 cases (that's an increase of 3. 9% from yesterday). 5 more countries have reported cases, bringing the total amount of countries to 92. Countries with more than 100 cases: - China: 80, 565 (up 3. 1%) - South Korea: 6, 767 (up another 17. 4%. NB: The Guardian is saying it's over 7, 000) - Italy: 4, 636 (up 50. 1%) - Iran: 4, 747 (up 62. 5%) - Germany: 639 (up 59. 8%; 15 out of 16 states now have recorded infections) - France: 613 (a jump of 50. 0%) - Japan: 408 (up 16. 9%) - Spain: 374 (up 43. 8%) - USA: 213 (up 43. 9%) - Switzerland: 180 (a big jump of 486. 5% - UK: 167 (up 41. 5%) - Singapore: 130 (up 11. 1%) - Netherlands: 128 - Norway: 113 - Belgium: 109 - Sweden: 101 Reminder, these are identified case counts and medical experts are reporting this virus has a long incubation period with people being infections despite displaying no symptoms; the true infection figures are likely to be much higher. From now on, I'm going to stop listing countries with less than 500 identified infections otherwise in a week or two I'll soon be listing over half of the countries in the world. American drug shortage list - if you are a resident in the US and need it, click here (hat tip /u/kit8642) Global impact and governmental response - Today's Guardian blog ( link, I know many other major media companies are doing daily blogs but I sadly don't have time to read them all, sorry) reports that Tomorrow's Sunday blessings by the Pope will be made via live stream instead of person due to the virus outbreak. No participants at papal morning masses are to be allowed until March 15, Reuters reports. There is growing concern over the stance of Greek Orthodox clerics, who have refused to postpone church services and suspend Christian rites in the country. Nicola Zingaretti, the leader of Italy’s Democratic party (PD), which governs the country in coalition with the Five Star Movement (M5S), has tested positive for coronavirus. The cruise ship Grand Princess off the US coast with 3, 500 people on board has 21 infections; everyone on the ship will now be tested. Italy is pondering whether to quarantine the entire province of Lombardy as the infection spreads. ( Personal note: a quick google suggests the population of the province is around 10m people). Greece’s Olympic committee saying it will restrict the number of guests at next week’s flame-lighting ceremony in Olympia before the Olympic torch goes on tour prior to its arrival in Tokyo. Chinese authorities say 76m workers have gone back to work (60% of the total workforce that left for the Chinese New Year). The annual technology and culture festival South by South West has been cancelled. The festival said its March events would not go ahead amid fears it could help to spread the virus in Austin, in Texas. There are concerns Afghanistan may struggle to afford the cost of testing in an economy damaged by years of conflict. Each test kit - which would test around 50 cases - cost around $1600 (or $32 per test). The country currently has 4 recorded incidents. Australians still panic buying - The Guardian reports (link) on a fight between three women in a Sydney supermarket over toilet paper. “We just ask that people don’t panic like this when they go out shopping, ” NSW police acting inspector Andrew New said. “There is no need for it. It isn’t the Thunderdome, it isn’t Mad Max, we don’t need to do that"... "There is no need for people to go out and panic buy at supermarkets, paracetamol and canned food or toilet paper. ” A video of the fight has gone viral on social media. California based Stanford University cancels all in person classes and moves to online teaching for the final two weeks of the term - The local newspaper reports ( link) that the provost persis said that "Classes will be conducted online “to the extent feasible, ” and all winter quarter finals scheduled to be taken in-person will be administered as take-home exams". How big is this virus? Only 7. 5KB apparently - a software/hardware researcher has downloaded the analysed virus and found it's only 7. 5KB ( Twitter link). He adds "It has remote exploitation, persistence, AV evasion and works on multiple incompatible platforms (bats, humans, dogs, etc) all in 7. 25 KB. " You can even download it here from this pastebin link: Link. The original source is from the US national centre for biotechnology information ( Link). Influential US pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC said Friday that two people who attended its annual Washington conference alongside dozens of lawmakers had tested positive for coronavirus - The Guardian says (Source: Guardian live blog linked above) Influential US pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC said yesterday that two people who attended its annual Washington conference alongside dozens of lawmakers had tested positive for coronavirus.. The event attracted high-profile attendees including Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Democratic former White House hopeful Mike Bloomberg. Economy news The US may already be in a recession - Bloomberg reports ( link) that New research from State Street Associates and Massachusetts Institute of Technology indicates that the U. S. economy was already vulnerable a recession before the virus outbreak; in January the chance of a recession was 70%. If stocks give up all their growth over the past 12 months the chance will rise to 80%. The Treasury yield curve was perilously close to inversion in January as well; Bloomberg explains that inversion of the yield curve - which long-term interest rates are lower than short-term ones - is a strong indicator of recession. ) Is China really back up to speed? - Caixing media, an independent Chinese media company, is reporting ( Link) that local governments are fraudulently boosting electricity consumption and other metrics in order to meet tough new back-to-work targets. It adds that leaving lights and air conditioners on all day long in empty offices, turning on manufacturing equipment, faking staff rosters and even coaching factory workers to lie to inspectors are just some of the ways they helped manufacture flashy statistics on the resumption of business for local governments to report up the chain. Beijing is apparently tracking power consumption to identify whether companies are operational. Supply chain news US experiencing shortage of testing kits - the LA Times ( Link) says that test kits are in short supply across California. Federal officials say 1m will be available by the end of the week, but California only has 7, 400 tests available for this weekend across the state. The inability to test is hindering officials attempts to slow down the spread of the disease. One California nurse who was exposed to a confirmed coronavirus patient has symptoms and is in quarantine, but has not yet been tested for the virus by the CDC. “They said they would not test me because, if I were wearing the recommended protective equipment, then I wouldn’t have the coronavirus. What kind of science-based answer is that?... I’m a registered nurse and I need to know if I’m positive before going back to care for patients, ” the nurse added. “Delaying this test puts the whole community at risk. ” New York City is also complaining of shortages, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal ( Link, requires subscription) High profile US doctor attacks President Trump over test availability - "Anybody right now and yesterday, anybody that needs a test gets a test. They're there. They have the tests and the tests are beautiful. " said President Trump yesterday. Dr Craig Spencer tweeted ( link) "I’ve got loads of colleagues working in ERs all across the country. Every day I hear their struggles of getting symptomatic patients tested. Don’t meet criteria. No tests available. So either they’re all lying, or... ". Dr. Craig Spencer became the first person in New York to be diagnosed with Ebola in 2014 after contracting the deadly disease while helping sick patients in the hard-hit West African country of Guinea as a volunteer (Time magazine article about it: Link) and was attacked by Trump at the time for contracting the disease. The doctor worries about whether there are sufficient financial resources to fight the disease and adds that racism and xenophobia may make fighting the disease harder. Chinese freight starting to move, but bottlenecks appearing elsewhere - Loadstar reports that Flexport's COO says that reduced intra-Asia capacity for airfreight is likely to cause problems for airfreight in the coming weeks. “A lot of people don’t realise the spill-over effects of flight cancellations – there has been a lot of production moving from China to Vietnam, but there is not a lot of direct air freight capacity out of Vietnam to the US because the distance is so great that you can’t load the aircraft with too much cargo because it needs to refuel. If you have 59%-less intra-Asia capacity, it means the cargo cannot get from Vietnam into the region’s main air cargo hubs and connect to flights to North America, ” he explained. Airfreight market may be turning corner as rates climb - Freightwaves is reporting ( link) that with passenger airlines continuing to be absent from the market, cargo only airlines are able to charge "top dollar". Air freight rates for exports out of China to Singapore, South Korea and the US in particular have risen significantly. Freight Investor Services, a London-based market intelligence and financial risk management provider, has also detected rapid upward movement in freight rates from China. Prices are up $0. 33, or 12%, to $3. 06 per kilogram on the transpacific lane, lead by a 20% spike ($0. 48 to $2. 92/kg)) from Shanghai. Hong Kong-to-U. rates are up 5. 6%, or $0. 17, to $3. 20/kg. Meanwhile loadstar noted in an analytical article ( link) that prices remain extremely volatile. IATA increases its losses expectation for the global passenger airline industry - IATA has significantly increased its global losses expectation from $29. 3bn to between $63bn and $113bn says Loadstar ( Link). They explain however that the cargo airline is in a different position; one source has reported intra-Asian maindeck charter flights costing upwards of $750, 000, while another said: “He with the highest bid wins. Imagine what it will be into Europe when the market gets really screwed, in two or three weeks. ” IATA's director general said it was a crisis and that governments must take note. Cambodia's garment industry hangs by a thread - Nikkei Asian review reports ( Link) that 160, 000 workers in Cambodia are at risk of losing their jobs by the end of the month due to raw material shortages from China. The country imports 60% from China and resourcing from other countries such as India cannot be done quickly. Neighbouring Vietnam's textile industry is also facing similar issues. Apparel companies sell seasonal items so if the garment manufacturers experience significant delays, a delay in product supplies could lead to missed sales opportunities and damaged earnings for the retailers (which include H&M and Zara). History lessons: The Unexpected Happens: Is Your Supply Chain Prepared? Here's an article from Inbound Logistics ( Link) from 2006 that explains the importance of understanding the risks in your supply chain and gives best in class examples. "Supply chains are getting leaner and distances are growing longer, " says Randy Strang, vice president, consulting services for UPS Supply Chain Solutions. "Lean supply chains eliminate inventory that in the past created some buffer for unexpected events. Without that inventory, dealing with unexpected events and supply chain inconsistencies grows more urgent. " The article goes on to call for making risk part of the strategic equation when running a supply chain. ( Personal note: plus ça change; some supply chains have not prepared for black swans like this).

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