The main villain's performance wasn't that bad. The Philippine cast was quite ok especially Nanette Medved and Raymond Bagatsing. The missing points are: the storyline, the photography and the somewhat boring performances of some of the American actors. I'd give it a 4/10 rating. I had the chance to be there when the movie was filmed in Subic Bay, I recently was reading the script again and I realized things I didn't realize when it was made. This is a movie where you need to open your eyes and heart, some people take it serious but you need to realize "How it was then" and thus is why one can find a lot of issues about females. Now it didn't portray the women as being bad, So one can say that this is a balanced movie. Some females might get offended but normally those are the ones who live a different lifestyle and made find it hard to adapt to how the navy is. For the budget was not high but made it work with what they had. And it made everyone I know happy,sad,and fruitful. I like the fact that the Michael Sellers made the effort to get production with the aircraft carrier. clever. Everything shown was actually in a building that existed, unlike other movies they have to make the scene, here again Clever mike used natural resources to make it come together. Wonderful movie just remember open your thoughts.

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